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New (Re)releases - Day 4: Hogwarts is Back!

Elizabeth Dean

Hogwarts house crests are back y'all!
This isn't so much of a new release day, but more of a release of products that were once banned. (Ooo! Ahh!) We'll get back to releasing new products again tomorrow (probably) but we thought we'd take a day to bring back some of our favorite designs.
Hogwarts Bath Mat:
Hogwarts Bath Towel:
Hogwarts Patch:
Gryffindor Hand Towel:
Gryffindor Patch:
Ravenclaw Hand Towel:
Ravenclaw Patch:
Hufflepuff Hand Towel:
Hufflepuff Patch:
Slytherin Hand Towel:
Slytherin Patch:
Again, our new store is! Check back again tomorrow!

And the Hogwarts patches too!

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